Advertise on WOWmundo and our hundreds of area sites provide FREE advertising and Marketing for every Venue, Act, Entertainer, Local Business and Community to ensure our members have immediate access to the largest and most accurate “What´s on Where” guide in the World today.

We make it easy for users and event organisers to post and promote events, both to their local community and the whole World through our Social Media network and the many established social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Pinterest.

However, when you need your business or event to stand out from the crowd we have created some great tools to put you in front of the people your message needs to reach.

No more wasting advertising budgets on media having broad audience but only 1% or less of which who want or need your offer.

With you can truly target your marketing so every penny spent is working to grow your revenues.

Here´s a few of our advertising options designed for every budget and every event, but don´t forget your local Area Manager can design a specific campaign just for you.


Free Event, Venue, Act & Business listing.

Simply Register online, upload your profile details and images/videos to enjoy free listings that can link with your Social Media and Websites.

If you sell tickets or take bookings, online through another online service, don´t worry you can link from your wowmundo profile to these sites without charge – no commission or agency fee.

If you want us to visit, take photos and create your profile for you we can do this for a one off fee of €49 (up to 30 days’ events can be uploaded free during this process).

Rather than rely on the nearest 12 year old geek to keep updating your events or business promotions why not take advantage of our Annual Support Package.

Annual Support Package

€49 set up + €20/month or €200/year without free setup.

Designed for business owners, acts and venues who simply don´t like computers or don´t have the time to spend hours updating their events, profile, offers or images.

Our team will visit, call or text monthly at your convenience to update details for your so that not a simple business opportunity is missed.

€200 Free Banner Ads with 1st Annual Support Package paid annually.

Banner Ad Package

We try to keep it simple for your Promotion to suit your budget and goals:

Full Width Banner

€40 Per Month

Single Box Banner

€10 Per Month

Double Box Banner

€20 Per Month

Triple Box Banner

€25 Per Month

Quad Box Banner

€30 Per Month