“Find a job you love and you´ll never have to work another day in your life”


Become A WOWmundo Franchisee

Our local Area Managers (both employed & franchises) have a real passion for life, from Quiz & Karaoke nights at the local pub to International Music Festivals, Fish & Chips to Fine Dining, Beach Parties to BBQ Buffets, their mission is to ensure and each of its local sites are packed with the most up to date information, reviews, images, videos and events so our users are guaranteed a great time, every time.

With tens of thousands of areas to manage worldwide, we at are recruiting Area Management and Franchise Partners on an unprecedented scale whilst developing state of the art personal development and training programs to grow our team’s income and enjoyment levels.

Imagine being invited to every new venue opening as a V.I.P. and never needing to pay for entry to the very best clubs, bars and restaurants in town ever again. Contemplate becoming the person every owner of entertainment venues and attractions wants you to visit, the one they greet with smiles and complementaries reserved for film stars.

Why do our Area Managers receive this special treatment?franchise-word-cloud

Simple! promotes their business and in turn “earns them money”.

Our TV crews Web reviews, Promotional mailings and Social media network offer the best Global, Regional and Local marketing opportunity ever created specifically for the leisure industry and the more countries we enter, the greater the experience for our users and larger the profits for our featured venues, entertainers and leisure associated businesses.

What makes different from any and every other marketing method?

  1. All Events, Entertainers, Venues and local Businesses are listed on WOWMUNDO FREE of CHARGE so our users have unlimited information, not simply seeing the places who choose to pay for advertising.
  2. Our Area Managers keep the information updated daily so users don´t waste time and money travelling to a closed venue or event that has been cancelled or changed from live Rock Band to 90´s DJ.
  3. Our users are involved in promoting events, venues and businesses through our Social Media networking, image and video sharing, reviews and unique “Road Trip Planner” feature where a group of friends can contribute to creating a timeline for nights out, weekenders or vacations.

Franchisees are responsible for the updating and content of each local area site together with generating advertising and promotions revenue that keeps the wheels timing.

franchise-meaningWe have tailored packages to suit everyone that fits our specific criteria to remove all the barriers from joining our team.  For those who have the entertainment lifestyle and enjoy designing marketing campaigns for local and national enterprises, there is unlimited income together with high levels of respect and enjoyment.

For those who have the lifestyle but do not enjoy the sales function, even though we have created a system that almost removes all rejection from the role of media sales, we have a package which allows franchisees to focus on content and site development whilst leaving revenue generation to us.

Potential franchisees who have the personal characteristics but have limited funds to invest in their business, we have designed a package which allows a much lower level of financial input compensated for by an increased amount of initial research and content creation.

As for the approved applicants who prefer to invest a little more to cut down the development time and get straight out into the local communities both earning money and building relationships – we have a fast trace package for that also where we build a turnkey business to get running instantly.

Franchise Fees are from €5,000 per area and includes training, support and the individual WOW local website ready to use on day 1.

Please complete the form at the bottom of the page to apply for consideration as a WOWMUNDO Franchisee or employed Area Manager.

Self-Generated Revenue or Sales Force Outsourced?

Every successful business requires a combination of skills and talents for it growth and development, and here at we have tried to take care of all but the two that require a physical presence on a global scale:

  1. Developing long term relationships with local businesses, venues, entertainers and attractions to collect the most vibrant and accurate information for our site members to enjoy.
  2. Developing long term relationships with local business, venues, acts, attractions to promote business advertising, event promotion and venue marketing to both generate revenues and keep site members informed of great deals and special offers.

wowfranchiseBoth of these key tasks are pivotal to the success of, local information websites and many of the character traits required to succeed at each of these tasks are the same. However, for those considering a wowmundo franchise that prefer either, P. Relations and Research or Sales and Marketing, we have created 2 further options to attached to the packages above.

  1. Research, Content & PR without Sales = 55% Growth
  2. Sales & Marketing without PR & Event marketing, Social Media or info – 35% of Gross

Whichever the potential franchise wishes to outsource in order to focus on the preferred job they love, we will recruit, train and manage staff to complete the other task.